• Precious


You were fearfully and wonderfully made, this means that when God created you, he took his time and gave careful consideration to every detail of you. And it is your responsibility to find out why, what gift did he give you in order for you to answer problems on the earth.
As a best selling author, coach and business consultant, my message is simple, you deserve the life you dreamed of and you have a responsibility to be the gift you were created to be.
We have a real enemy, who has done his best to keep us bound in fear and unbelief since before we were born, BUT. God knew you before you were in your mother's womb, and he created you for a specific purpose, and He is greater than the enemy of our souls. God knows the thoughts he has for you and they are to prosper you and to bring you hope, anything else is a lie and it is time you lived like that.
I was born in prison, to an incarcerated mother, the enemy tried, like the coward he is to stop my destiny. If he would have only known, I would be one to break women free from bondage, and that my passion was birthed from that moment in time, he would have left me alone. Not only am I free, but I make it my mission to see other women get free from mental, emotional and spiritual bondage that has held them back from their life's purpose and dreams.
Most of my life I was an outsider, or so I thought, I was always too light, too fat, too loud or too quiet. I used to confess that, and I believed that. Now the very people who treated me as an outsider are my biggest supporters and come to me for wisdom in situations they feel inadequate in.